Adorable, Professionally Home Raised Australian Labradoodle Puppies in
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Welcome to Big Valley Labradoodles

Lovingly Home Raised in Northern California

Our calling and passion is to find great homes and families for our fur babies. We are not simply breeders to breed for profit, we are breeding to share our love for this breed so that everyone can share in our experience having this breed as a loving companion and a true member of the family. We, beyond any doubt, believe that the Austrian Labradoodle is the best dog to complete your family.

These dogs are intelligent, loving, sweet and even hypoallergenic. They make for a wonderful addition to a home, whether it is for active families or just “chill” families. Our dogs are superb with children, since they were actually bred to be therapy and service work animals.

Our commitment extends to being a member of the Raising the Breeder Bar program. This program enables us to maintain and ensure excellent care, buyer’s education and support with a deep commitment to set our puppies and families up for success.

If you are looking for a fur baby to complete your “pack,” we would be honored if you would consider us as a way to provide you with your next member of the family.

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We are proud to say our puppies are changing people’s lives in Service and Therapy work! Some of our clients are Good Dog Autism, Semper Fi Fund Veterans, 4 Paws for Patriots Veterans, Make a Wish Foundation, cancer victims, assault victims, Therapists Counseling Sex Trafficking Victims, Physical Therapists, Family Therapists, Pediatrician and Dental Offices, Autism Spectrum families, emotional support, grief support, deposition support at a law office and hospital and library programs!

My experience with Big Valley Australian Labradoodles has been so much more than I ever could have imagined!  After much frustration with local, so-called “seasoned” breeders and no puppy, I took a chance with a not-so-local breeder, whose outstanding professionalism and personal attention to detail won my trust.


We had such a wonderful experience with Maria! She was responsive, helpful, and caring.


Maria at Great Valley Australian Labradoodles was helpful and knowledgable during the puppy selection process and beyond. It was obvious she not only had professional interest but also personal interest in each pup. She allowed us to bring our family to meet the litter and match our personality and lifestyle to the perfect addition to our household.

Hannah Richter

We love our boy, Blue. He has a wonderful temperament, does not shed, and is full of love for other dogs and people.


Our pup was already crate-trained, and because of that, took minimal time to housebreak. Maria has been available for questions and resources throughout, making for a nearly seamless transition. We love our Dexter Doodle.

Hannah Richter

Maria took extra care when communicating with us prior to the adoption, and it was obvious she cares for the dogs she raises.


Adorable, Professionally Home Raised Labradoodle Puppies in California’s San Joaquin Valley

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