Adoption Information

All of our puppies are sweet, affectionate, playful and eager to please!

A true multi-generation Australian Labradoodle puppy breed selectively for temperament and health, with the following traits:

  • Loved, handled, socialized, stimulated and nurtured in a family environment, to prepare the puppy for a loving home and the wonderful world.
  • A puppy that is socialized with litter mates and adults until 8 weeks of age and puppies travel home at 8 weeks of age.
  • Extended Stay is available (ask for more details).
  • A puppy who is socialized with people of all ages, from Great Grandmother to the youngest grandchild as well as meeting neighbors, the landscaper and workmen.
  • A puppy who has been temperament-tested to ensure the best placement with the Forever Family.

In addition to this wonderful puppy, who has been prepared to be a blessing to its Forever Family, we provide the following:

  • Intro to Crate Training
  • Intro to Lure Training
  • Deworming
  • Microchip
  • First shots

Big Valley Australian Labradoodles provides an endearing, loving companion and lifetime customer service.

Adoption Fee and Application

The adoption fee of a companion puppy is $2950, plus applicable sales tax and delivery fees

The deposit amount is $500. Deposits are accepted only AFTER your application as been approved and a specific litter has been identified.

Big Valley Australian Labradoodles provides lifetime customer service for your puppy:

  1.  a two year health guarantee
  2. Availability for questions throughout the years

Timeline & Process

  • Fill out Adoption Application

  • Your application is reviewed by Big Valley Australian Labradoodles staff

  • If you are approved, the next available litter is identified

    Note: if there isn’t a puppy available in the upcoming litter, we would place you on a waitlist for the next litter.

  • Place a deposit & begin recieving updates

    Updates are sent once puppies arrive and will be sent every two weeks

  • Crate Training will begin Week 7

  • Puppies are matched with families during Week 8

    Puppy is matched with family
    Full Payment is Due
    Puppy goes home

  • Wellness exam & training

    Puppy has wellness exam within three days of going home. Family begins with trainer