Grooming Your Pet

Check out this video to learn how to care for your Australian Labradoodle in between visits to the groomer.

Grooming To Do’s

Grooming your puppy, either by yourself or with a groomer is an important part of dog ownership. Here we give a bunch of tips to help keep your dog happy, healthy and looking great!

  • Wash Your Dog

    We like Tropiclean shampoos and conditioners

  • Buy a Comb

    Medium tooth, metal comb

  • Spray Any Matts

    We recommend Tropiclean demat spray–it’s great!

  • Scrub the Teeth

    Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Gel – comes with a toothbrush

  • Trim Their Nails

    Invest in quality nail clippers if you will be trimming your puppy’s nails; if not, seek out your local groomer.

  • Clean Their Ears

    Any natural cleaner can be used to flush their ears; we like the Green Tea Oil flush at Petco.

  • Find a Groomer

    We recommend you use a boutique groomer-not Petco or Petsmart. Your puppy will need to be groomed every 4 weeks. Your puppy cannot go to the groomer until they are 16 weeks old and have had all of their shots.