Training Tools for Your Australian Labradoodle

Here are some great tools to help you train your Australian Labradoodle to be a happy member of your family!

  • ID Tag, Leash and Collar

    Miniatures- Size Extra Small

    Mediums and Standards-Size Small

    Collar should be light weight with a plastic or metal clasp, not a buckle. Please bring your 6ft leash and collar with you when you pick up your puppy.  The smaller the clasp the better, so it won’t be heavy on their neck.

    Collar size is approximately 3/8 inch x 7-10 inches

    Leash size is ½ inch x 6 feet

    Don’t forget to bring these when you are picking your puppy up to go home so that it can be sized just right!

  • Toys

    For chew toys, Pet Stages Puppy has some good teething toys.  We also like balls, nylabones, and hooves.  (Hooves are a favorite, no pigs ears or rawhide, they can choke the puppy).

    There are some animal toys that have a lightweight plastic bottle in them.  They are a hit with the puppies.

    We do not give the puppies/dogs stuffed toys with squeakers.  It encourages them to be destructive.  They will eat the squeakers and then you have to be sure the squeaker came out, one end or the other!

  • Bitter Apple Spray

    Spray on the items you do not want your puppy to chew on. Just remember, this is a deterrent, not a guarantee, so better to put things away

  • Nature’s Miracle

    Try Nature’s Miracle or similar type odor neutralizer after accidents

  • Trainers

    Trainer should visit your home within 3 days of bringing your puppy home. “Animal Behaviorist “are the key terms you are looking for.  Do not use a trainer at Petco or alike.  Find a professional trainer. We recommend that your trainer do an initial visit in your home to start off on the right track.

    Group classes can begin at 4 months of age, after all shots have been given.

    Buy and read The Puppy Primer and The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell.  Our families have also liked The Perfect Puppy in 7 Days by Sofia Yin

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